Haval Dosky Discusses Machine Learning

Machine learning is the application that allows AI to automatically learn and improve from past experiences without being programmed to perform a learning action. For this reason, machine learning primarily focuses on the development of a variety of computer programs that will access data and use the data to learn independently. While this is a […]

Haval Dosky Takes a Look at the Rise of Machine Learning

Haval Dosky and the Repeat Consultants, LLC team are constantly looking to stay ahead of the technological curve. One of the fastest growing sectors of the IT industry is machine learning. The need for machine learning has been growing rapidly as scientists now have more data than ever to attempt to decipher. With so many […]

Haval Dosky on Artificial Intelligence in Comedy

Memes are an extremely popular medium in which internet users can quickly communicate and share laughs online. While no one can dispute their significance in our digital landscape, it is a rare event when a pop culture concept like the meme crosses paths with technological topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is […]

Haval Dosky Discusses Tips for Facilitating a Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Over the years, Haval Dosky has helped to facilitate growth and change in his company, Repeat Consultants, LLC . Strategic decisions require shrewd observations and an attention to detail. Mergers and acquisitions are situation in which Haval Dosky utilizes his telecommunications and information technology experience and insight. Mergers and acquisitions can be stressful scenarios for […]