Haval Dosky Takes a Look at the Rise of Machine Learning

Haval Dosky Takes a Look at the Rise of Machine Learning

Haval Dosky and the Repeat Consultants, LLC team are constantly looking to stay ahead of the technological curve. One of the fastest growing sectors of the IT industry is machine learning. The need for machine learning has been growing rapidly as scientists now have more data than ever to attempt to decipher. With so many ways to collect data, Haval Dosky says it has become difficult to store the data effectively and then determine what to do with the data once it is collected. This is where machine learning comes into play.

It is important for both the science and business communities to lean into the benefits of machine learning, according to Haval Dosky. Modern challenges are high-dimensional. In other words, solving problems accurately requires a vast number of variables to be considered. What we know about the human brain is that it maxes out functionality after a certain number of variables are considered. Machine learning allows for a more realistic and more accurate method to be used to solve modern problems.

Haval Dosky believes machine learning is a natural response to the demands of modern software. For instance, older software would work off of specific instructions that were put in place by the designers. Modern software requires a more dynamic approach. Through machine learning software can be updated to take advantage of solutions to problems that machine learning discovers. Most modern software needs to react to the needs of the user. The only way to do this is through machine learning, which can mimic human reasoning and allow the user to leverage the software how they desire. While Haval Dosky understands that due to Hollywood dramatizations there is a lot of apprehension about the rise of machine learning, the truth is it is something that’s been around a lot longer than people think. It is just improving in its capabilities and functionality. With humans looking to push technology past what we are capable of doing ourselves, machine learning is the natural solution.

Future issues with machine learning will most likely come in the form of the demand for the creation of super computers, which are capable of storing all the data needed to push machine learning possible. This is why so many professionals are flocking towards careers in this space. There will always need to be a human behind the machine to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

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