Haval Dosky Discusses Tips for Facilitating a Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Haval Dosky

Over the years, Haval Dosky has helped to facilitate growth and change in his company, Repeat Consultants, LLC . Strategic decisions require shrewd observations and an attention to detail. Mergers and acquisitions are situation in which Haval Dosky utilizes his telecommunications and information technology experience and insight.

Mergers and acquisitions can be stressful scenarios for all parties to a transaction. Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants, LLC utilize their expertise and experience in mergers and acquisitions to help businesses avoid uncertainty and to facilitate effective communication between all parties to a transaction. Haval Dosky recognizes that the road to a successful transaction can be difficult for businesses without the requisite industry experience.

Haval Dosky recognizes that one of the most important factors in ensuring that a business’ merger or acquisition is successful is to have a clear idea of what the business’ goals and strategies are before the transaction is underway. Businesses of all types incentivize planning. One cannot stress the value that planning plays in maintaining a clear headspace.

In order to create a simplified template for its merger or acquisition, a business must understand where a business is currently, versus where you would like it to be in the future. Businesses must also consider what its core values and goals are most moving forward. These markers require self-awareness to a given business’ strengths and weaknesses. Setting realistic milestones help to provide transparent answers as to why a merger or acquisition will be beneficial to the company.

Mergers and acquisitions are undertaken for a number of reasons. They can be implemented in order to eliminate competition within a given industry. They can be tools to help businesses venture into new markets to capitalize on opportunities within. Further, mergers and acquisitions can simply provide more value to a business and its offerings. Whatever the case, the acknowledgement of these goals will help bridge the gap between a merger or acquisition and a given business’ personal definition of success.

A successful merger or acquisition depends on a business facilitating internal and external communications. A business must be able to efficiently relay information to both the other business taking part in the deal and to its own staff. Employees are much more likely to accept, rather than resist, policy changes if they are dictated in a way that adequately explains how the deal affects them. Again, planning is integral to this process, as anticipating employee needs will allow a business owner to address those needs effectively. To achieve this, a business can mobilize its management team to keep its staff apprised. Q & A sessions with the staff are recommended to apprise staff of a business plan moving forward. Finally, during a merger or acquisition, a business must keep investors and shareholders up to date on the terms of the merger and what it means for them as well.

While there are many technical aspects of mergers and acquisitions, Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants, LLC believe that the entire process is made more efficient by adhering to simple principles. Implementing a detailed plan beforehand and encouraging transparent communication between the parties and internally are essential elements for a seamless merger or acquisition. Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants LLC’s telecommunications systems and information technology expertise helps businesses achieve their goals.

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