Haval Dosky

Haval Dosky

Haval Dosky and the Joan Hisaoka Gala

Welcome to havaldosky.org, a website that the cofounder of Repeat Consultants, LLC, Haval Dosky, plans to use to share knowledge and information regarding his business and share his insights on the importance of charitable contributions. One of the reasons Repeat Consultants has enjoyed phenomenal success since its inception is that they are dedicated to a team-oriented approach. Repeat Consultants has become known for providing IT workforce solutions and network infrastructure services that businesses rely on to be successful. Haval Dosky believes the primary driver of this success and notoriety is how much time his team dedicates to building relationships with both clients and other consultants.

Haval Dosky believes there are few things more important to success than a sense of community. By focusing on company culture at Repeat Consultants, Haval Dosky has helped nurture the growth of his company, building a place where  the top experts in the industry want to work. This culture breeds success because it puts the best of the industry in a situation where they have the time and freedom to dedicate all their efforts to their best asset, creativity. This space allows these consultants to create a customized plan and then swiftly follow through in developing the proper IT solution for a given client.

The employees of Repeat Consultants are truly invested in the projects they work on, and this culture is reflected in the charitable contributions of both Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants.

After locating Repeat Consultants in Arlington, Virginia, Haval Dosky developed a fondness for local charitable organizations. The Joan Hisaoka Gala is one such organization, and Haval Dosky is proud to support it every year. This event celebrates the memory of Joan Hisaoka, who lost her life to cancer at just 48 years old in May of 2008. Even though her life was cut short, Hisaoka still had a major impact on the business world and in her local community. As the leader of Hisaoka Public Relations, she was the recipient of the Washington Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business Award and many other honors. Upon discovering she had cancer, Hisaoka attended many retreats and did all she could to help others. The Gala was created to honor her dream of developing a support system those suffering the effects of cancer. Each year, Mr. Dosky and other business leaders gather at the Gala to raise money for a unique organization dedicated to the fight against cancer. The 2019 Gala raised money for the Life with Cancer organization. Haval Dosky is proud to support this event because of the emotional and educational support the organization provides to families the world over as they go through the incredible stress of coping with cancer in all its forms.

Haval Dosky puts a strong emphasis on ensuring the experts at Repeat Consultants get to know the businesses they work with so they can better understand the problems those businesses face, build out custom solutions to those problems, and foster that all-important sense of community. The work of the charitable organizations he supports is a prime example of how the world is a stronger place when people look out for the best interests of one another. Future blog posts will continue to explore how this mindset has led to great success for both Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants.